High-End Electrical Materials (HEM)


HEM Research Group focuses on and carries out on the long-term research and development planning of overseas institutes and the layout of high-end electrical equipment and materials in the 13th five year plan formulated by SGCC. The first batch of key R & D projects implemented is the high-voltage DC cable system. Through the analysis of the material requirements and application system characteristics involved in the system research of the high-voltage DC cable system, combined with the actual situation of the national power grid demand, we focus on the insulation materials and diversion materials, and carry out the key technical research work with the high-voltage DC cable system as the core equipment.

Since HEM group establishment in 2015, the project team has completed one major special research project of the SGCC (Research on Key Technologies of 320kV high-voltage DC cable system), is completing one major national science and technology project of China (Research on Key Technologies of 500kV high-voltage DC cable accessories), and has implemented 8 overseas science and technology projects of SGCC. HEM group has applyed for more than ten invention patents.