Intelligent Sensing and Measurement (ISM)


Current R&D activities are:

Broadband RF pulse signal detection and analysis:

The goal is to design and develop an Ultra-Wide-Band RF pulse sensing solution in the VHF/UHF frequency band for on-line monitoring of partial discharge signal in complex electromagnetic environment (such as high voltage AC/DC hybrid power network). Research topics include high-speed and high-precision data acquisition platform, real-time edge computing, machine-learning based pulse feature extraction and classification, quasi real-time pulse feature identification based on artificial neural network.

Ultra low power wireless sensor design:

The goal is to research and develop key technologies and components for ultra-low power, easy-to-deploy, maintenance-free and reliable wireless sensing solution in harsh environment. Research topics include state-of art measurement technologies, micro-source energy harvesting, low-power robust wireless communication, advanced packaging, etc. The sensing solution can be used for example for the on-line monitoring of multi-physical parameters (e.g. temperature, pressure, torque, leakage current) of Ultra HVDC converter module.

Optic components for sensing application:

The goal is to design and develop key photonic integrated chips and devices for different optic sensing applications, for example for distributed long distance on-line monitoring of multi-physical parameters for critical infrastructure. Also, of R&D interest is an efficient and reliable conversion technology of monochromic optic power to electrical power which enables power delivery over fiber for remote smart sensors in places with high electrical potential hence requiring strict galvanic isolation.